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About Slots Story

Play slot games and built the career of your dream in Slots Story. Here you can get professional experience in different Las Vegas places, prove your managing skills by spinning the slots reels and helping your rich uncle to open business in European countries.

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The player’s goal in Slots Story is to gain experience by spinning the reels of slot machine and get to the next level to unlock a new slot game with new features. To accelerate the game pace the player is offered to use game upgrades, power-ups and refill the game balance.

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The player meets their lost rich uncle who runs business in Las Vegas. The uncle wants to open new casinos in European capitals and asks the player to become their business partner. But before travelling to Europe the player must prove that they are worth of trusting and work in different Las Vegas places to develop vital skills for a successful businessman.

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Do not hesitate to contact our support team if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns. You will be contacted as soon as possible.

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Game Elements


To reach higher level in the game and open the next slots the player must accumulate the experience. The player can gain the XP only by making a spin. The bigger the bet per spin, the more XP the player receives. Each next level requires more XP to be completed.

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To spin the reels the player needs to use energy. The energy is refilled on every level and its limit increases with every slot machine you unlock. The player gets+1 energy every 5 minutes and also can get it by visiting their friends.

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To make the spins in the game the player can use in-game coins only. The amount of the bet can vary from several cents to hundreds of dollars. The player can refill the game balance at any moment of the gameplay. Free bonus is also available in Slots Story.

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Free Bonus


The player can collect a free bonus every 4 hours that may be coins, energy, or power-ups. To get the bonus the player is offered to spin the Wheel of Fortune and get a random prize.

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In Slots Story you can play with the friends. This allows to exchange free gifts, help each other to complete goals and get extra energy. All the requests and notifications about gifts you can accept or ignore. Don’t forget to check your notifications to boost your game success.

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To compare the game progress and success results you can go to the Leaderboard. There are the lists of top 20 players with their names and information about level and balance. You can check what’s your place among your friends, the players from your country and all the players.

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Free gifts

In Slots Story you can send your friends free gifts such as power-ups, upgrades and energy. Also check the friends’ wishlists and send them the items they would like to get.

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Every player can add any item available in the Shop to their wishlist by clicking on ‘Add to wishlist’. To check your wishlist go to Inventory>Wishlist. You can delete the items or buy them directly in the Wishlist, buy and send your friends the game items they need. Share the wishlist to let your friends see what you need in the game.


All the information about the player’s progress is shown in the Profile. Here you can get the information about level, balance, places in the Leaderboard, achievements and check the Wishlist. Go to your friends’ profiles to check their progress.

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When you are in the city, you can explore the Las Vegas destinations. Click on the buildings you see and go to play at a definite slot machine. Some of the places can be locked (depending on the level you are at) and such buildings are marked with the Lock. The stars near the building indicate the progress at this specific slot machine (the completion of the goals).


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In Slots Story the players can purchase the items that allow to upgrade slot machines and make the gameplay more interesting. Choose the slot machine you want to upgrade and surf the symbols and upgrades.


You can buy extra symbols for each slot machine in Slots Story and change the standard symbols with the new ones. It allows you to change the slots reels, complete the collections and merely create your own slots.


In Slots Story the player can upgrade the slots with the new features that allow to speed up the game pace and increase the payouts. There are Autoplay (spins the reels automatically), Skill Stop (allows to stop the reels at every moment of the game), and Expanding Wild (triples the Wild symbol on the 3rd reel).

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Slot Settings

To apply the symbols and upgrades in the game, find a special icon in the left bottom corner of each slot machine indicating settings to modify each slot game with extra symbols and upgrades.

To change the symbols on the reels go to Slot Settings > Symbols, drag an extra symbol to the ‘Symbols used’ area and drop it on the place of any standard symbol you want to change with the new one.

To apply an upgrade simply turn it ON by putting a tick in the checkbox in Slot Settings > Upgrades. If you want to disable upgrade and turn it OFF, remove a tick.

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Visit the local Bar and purchase the power-up drinks and snacks that help you to improve the gaming results. Here you can find the power-ups which multiply the wins, trigger free spins, freeze the reels, multiply XP, and pay out from right to left.

Power-up use

To apply any power-up in the game, go to the slot machine and find all the drinks/snacks in the mini-bar in the slots bottom panel. Choose the power-up you want to apply by clicking on it and on the ‘Use’ button. It starts working as soon as it appears on the tray.

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In Slots Story the player can check the list of all the items that can be used in the game visiting Inventory section. All the extra symbols, upgrades, power-ups (purchased and given) are stocked here.

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The Slots Story gameplay allows to complete the collections of the game events and change them for offered rewards such as energy and power-ups. You can find the description of each collection by hovering over it. Active ‘Collect’ button indicates that the collection is completed. Click the button to collect reward.

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In Slots Story the players receive Achievements for completing the goals, collections, reaching the next slots and upgrading them etc. Hover over each achievement to read what they are rewarded for. All the game achievements are shown in a special progress bar.

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Each slot game in Slots Story has its goals that must be completed. As soon as the player completes all 3 goals for each slot machine, they earn 3 stars for this game. The tasks for the goals vary and can include the ones to make a definite number of spins, win definite amounts of money, apply new symbols or upgrades, invite friends etc.

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Visit Friend

In Slots Story you can visit your friends to gain +1 energy and collect the coins. During the visit you can use 3 visit energy and thus to make 3 spins at any slot machine unlocked. All the coins you win at the slot machines you share with a friend.

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